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Empathy Game

:מספר הפרויקט
מיכאל שורקי שרגאי, מאיה פיירמן, תומר נוימן
:שמות הסטודנטים המציגים
ד"ר גלובוס אורי
:שם המנחה
משחקים ולמידת מכונה
:שם הסדנה
מסלול יישומי/יזמי
:מסלול הסדנה
:תקציר הפרויקט

Lack of empathy among workers negatively impacts high-tech companies, leading to reduced collaboration and productivity.

Our solution:
Use card game-based activities to build empathy within the team.
By engaging employees in interactive activities, the game aims to deepen their understanding of colleagues' perspectives and experiences, ultimately creating a more empathetic work environment.
The game includes goal-oriented gameplay, role-playing scenarios, decision-making and consequences, and reflection. Through these elements, employees develop a better understanding of their colleagues' challenges, learn to consider the impact of their actions on others, and actively collaborate to achieve goals.

• Game Engine - Unity.
• Programming language - C#.
• CICD – GameCI.

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