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:מספר הפרויקט
עומר פחימה, עומר גושן, נתנאל וינטר
:שמות הסטודנטים המציגים
מר מרגלית דרור
:שם המנחה
יזמות בפיתוח מוצרי תוכנה
:שם הסדנה
מסלול יישומי/יזמי
:מסלול הסדנה
:תקציר הפרויקט

Finding fitness-related businesses, can be challenging due to a lack of credible up-to-date information available online. Also, individuals struggle to find others to workout with.

On the other hand such business owners find it challenging to advertise their services, as there is no one place to gather all of these businesses' information.

WorkIT is a platform that provides a comprehensive solution for these challenges.
· Businesses can advertise their services.
· Users are able to search for a fitness service based on location or category and establish fitness-oriented communities and set joint training times.

WorkIT is a fitness-oriented Community based platform, that:

· empowers individuals to join and create fitness-oriented communities
· increases services visibility, while making sure the information remains credible and up-to-date by allowing only credible users who are actively participating to leave reviews.

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