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Gate Keeper

:מספר הפרויקט
גל יצחק, תאיר דהרי, טל יעקבי
:שמות הסטודנטים המציגים
מר קירש אמיר
:שם המנחה
סדנת יצירת מוצר תוכנה
:שם הסדנה
מסלול יישומי/יזמי
:מסלול הסדנה
:תקציר הפרויקט

The Gate Keeper system employs advanced voice recognition technology to detect unusual sounds such as crying, shouting, cursing, and physical harm in kindergartens. Upon detection, it immediately alerts responsible adults or parents, ensuring swift intervention. The system archives events for future reference and offers an optional audio-visual feature for real-time monitoring. With components spanning from microphone reception to server-side analysis and client-side applications, it provides a comprehensive solution for safeguarding children's well-being in educational environments. External tools like React Native and Python libraries enhance its functionality, making it a robust protective measure for childcare facilities.

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