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:מספר הפרויקט
שחר שורץ, עמית לוי, שחף שבו
:שמות הסטודנטים המציגים
מר רוכברגר בני
:שם המנחה
סדנת פיתוח אפליקציות ב Kuber
:שם הסדנה
מסלול יישומי/יזמי
:מסלול הסדנה
:תקציר הפרויקט

The project proposes a virtual study group platform to help students collaborate and share resources. It addresses the need for a scalable, user-friendly solution, offering features like user profiles, group joining based on categories, a dashboard for meetings, and integration with Zoom and WhatsApp for communication. The app aims to be a one-stop platform for study group formation, meeting scheduling, and communication, targeting students at all educational levels. It plans to utilize Java, C#, Kubernetes, and communication APIs, focusing on scalability, user engagement, and seamless integration of communication tools. The project promises to enhance learning outcomes and provide a scalable solution for educational institutions, improving access to collaborative study opportunities.

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